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Lighting fixtures can transform the look of any room. Create the ideal lighting in your home with the range of chandeliers from Decor Depot. Chandeliers are made with a variety of materials to suit any style, including crystal, glass, metal, chrome, fabric and plastic. Choose an ornate crystal chandelier for a traditional look, or choose from a huge range of modern chandeliers for a more contemporary feel.

Chandeliers make for an eye-catching feature, and come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes; from teardrop crystal chandeliers to neutral cone chandeliers. Choose an elegant, black chandelier to add some sophistication to your dining area, living room or hallway, or choose an Art Deco style chandelier to give your home decor a polished edge.

Whether you’re looking for modern glam vintage chandeliers or on-trend contemporary chandeliers, ecor Depot has all your chandelier and lighting needs covered. Choose from the Temple & Webster range of stylish, high-quality chandeliers at cheap and affordable prices. Opt for wood or metal chandeliers for a low-key, casual look, or choose candle chandeliers for a classic aesthetic. Chandeliers can be fitted with energy saving LED and fluorescent globes, as well as incandescent and halogen globes.

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